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About Parth

Computer programs always captivated me.

So, when I sat down in front of TurboC IDE at the age of 16, I spent hours trying to code solution to traveling salesman problem and in the process fell in love with coding. It was fascinating to me how you can type some ASCII characters in IDE, click compile and see your creation come to life. :)

I decided there and then that I will become a software engineer when I grow up.

At my first job at Changer, I designed and implemented the Single-sign-on server with a custom multi-domain OAuth workflow. Created background job in nodejs to parse and store resumes of thousands of users at SuperJobs. Worked on creating ultra-scalable microservices at IndusOS, which handles millions of users even today. After all this, I still felt I haven’t found my niche.

It all changed with a contract at Loom network, I was introduced to blockchain programming and instantly took a liking to it. I designed a consensus algorithm for distributed oracle from scratch and worked on adding features to their tendermint based blockchain platform. During my brief stint at Solana, I implemented rent mechanism for user accounts, which is a key part of validator economics.

Currently, I am working at ChorusOne on the bridge between cosmos and substrate platforms, which enables cosmos chain to track finalized headers and authority set from substrate.

You can contact me on gmail.