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About Parth

I have 7 years of experience in designing server side solutions and 2 years of experience leading and guiding teams. I have architected and built several scalable projects from scratch. Some of them handles around millions of users every day without any hiccups.

My programming style is to make the smallest change necessary to achieve desired goal and keep the clever stuff behind the curtain of the clean interface. So I always try to write modular and generic code. And I refactor/delete code as part of each change to keep code smell in check ;).

My main areas of expertise are architecture and algorithms. I am well versed in go.

Currently, I am working as a platform architect at Loom Network, taking ownership of implementation of private key storage using hashicorp vault, developing custom reactors in tendermint (blockchain consensus engine), and writing oracle as bridge between two or more blockchains. I have also developed custom consensus reactor in tendermint to make distributed oracle reach consensus.

I’m very passionate about web infrastructure, concurrency, back-end and keep on tinkering with new technologies to create something different.

You can contact me on gmail.