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About Parth

I have passion for algorithms and data structures. I enjoy solving programming puzzles in my free time. I am passionate about writing software that scalable and reliable. I spend a great amount of time improving my skills as a programmer.

My programming style is to make the smallest change necessary to achieve desired goal. So I always build complex application modular and generic. And I keep only the most successful work flows, refactor/delete code as part of each change and keep the clever stuff behind the curtain of the clean interface.

In the past few years, I’ve worked as backend software engineer and/or architect, and designed complex backend solution in c# and golang.

Currently, I am designing key components of the restful web-service. My work involves making web-service as fast and as scalable as possible, and also maintain code quality and proper architecture while doing that. I am also doing technical review for renowned publisher in the UK for upcoming go programming language book.

In my spare time, I am usually working on c/c++, haskell and machine learning.

You can contact me on gmail